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181. Research Of Facial Landmark Localization Based On Statistical Learning
182. Research On Image Correlation Analysis, Exploration, And Its Applications
183. Human Motion Estimation Based On The Probability Model Of The Latent Variable
184. Research On Topic Model Based Patent Mining And Its Applications
185. Research On Vision-based Road Environment Understanding Technology For Autonomous Vehicles
186. Study On Moving Object Detection And Tracking Under Complex Scenes
187. Fault Diagnosis Method And Application For Dynamic Systems
188. Model Checking Based Formal Analysis And Verification For Component Oriented Embedded Software
189. Research On Text Processing Technology For Topics Of Hot News
190. Analysis And Application Research On Bilingual Maximal-length Noun Phrase
191. Analyzing And Understanding Human Actions In Videos
192. Influence Of Flexoelectric Effect On Domain Structure And Domain Switching Of Ferroelectric Film
193. Research On Partial Differential Equation-based Image Processing Algorithms
194. Study On The Color Detection And Early Blight Disease Identification Of Eggplant Leaves Based On Hyperspectral Imaging
195. Research On Radiated Emission Modeling Of High Speed Circuits Based On Near-field Scanning
196. Heterogeneous Data Fusion Based Semantic Road Scene Understanding
197. User-centered Digital Library Evaluation Model And Empirical Research
198. Research On Puncture Path Planning Of Breast Intervention Robot Under MRI Environment
199. Dynamic Model And Active Vibration Control Of A 3-PRR Flexible Parallel Manipulator
200. Social Interaction Study Of Online Communities And Its Applications
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