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1. Research On Object Recognition Technology Based On Visual Attention And Local Invariant Feature
2. Study Of Low Resolution Radar ISAR Imaging And Interferometry Technology Application
3. Research On The Detection And Discrimination Of Unresolved Targets Of The Low Resolution Radar
4. Research On Content Based Handmetric Identification
5. Research On Several Key Technical Problems In Surveillance Radar Netting
6. The Algorithms Study Of Reconstructing High Resolution Images From Overlapped Low-resolution Projection Data
7. The Study Of Target Classification Method Based On Low-Resolution Radar Return Sequences Outline Image
8. Performance Evaluation Of Super-Resolution In Image Sequences
9. Paper Currency Recognition And Defect Detection Under Low Resolution
10. The Research On The Sea Target Recognition Based On RCS
11. Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction From Low-Resolution Image Sequences
12. Video-Based Face Detection And Recognition At A Distance
13. Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction From Low-Resolution Image Sequences
14. Detection Of Ship In Optical Remote Sensing Image Of Median-low Resolution
15. Radar Target Recognition Based On Multi-features Fusion
16. The Study On Target Identification For Low Resolution Radar
17. The Study On The Application Of Target Recognition For Low Resolution Radar
18. The Method Study Of Cross-calibration For Moderate And Low-resolution Remote Sensing Satellites Reflectance Bands Based On Series Imagery
19. Low - Resolution Radar Target Detection, Tracking And Recognition System In The Research And Implementation Of Data Compression Technology
20. Based On Low-resolution Radar Target Identification Method
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