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Keyword [coherent detection]
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1. Study On Large-Capacity Digital Coherent Fiber-Wireless Integration System And Network
2. The Application Research Of Optical OFDM Technology In Short-reach And Long-haul Optical Fiber Communication Systems
3. Bi-directional Use Of Phase And Polarization Modulators Incorporated In A Sagnac Loop For Fiber-wireless Links
4. Investigating The Effect Of Optics Factors On The Performance Of Laser Heterodyne Detection System
5. Research On The Influence Of Laser Spatial Coherence Degree On Performance Of Receiving Systerms Based On Fiber Coupled Self-homodying Detection
6. Compensation Of Dispersion And Nonlinearity In High-speed Fiber Communication Systems
7. Research Of Novel Optical Labeled Switching Systems And Optically Controlled Optical Switching Components
8. Research On The Back Brillouin Scattering Sensing Technology In Optical Fiber
9. Space Coherent Laser Data Transmission System And Multi-order Correction
10. Study On Key Technologies Of OFDM Passive Optical Network
11. Electronic Dispersion Compensation And Carrier Phase Estimation In High Speed Coherent Optical Transmission System
12. Research On Frequency Division Multiplexing Probe Based Coherent Optical Time Domain Reflectometry
13. The Research Of Channel Estimation Technology In The Third Generation Mobile Communication System
14. Study On High Accurate Digital Quadrature Sampling/Interpolation Methods And Application
15. Detection Technique Of Low-level Moving Targets And Parameter Estimation Based On DS-CDMA
16. Numerical Simulation Of Signal Processing In Pulse Doppler Radar
17. Research On The Technology Of Middle Capacity Communication With A Low Ricean Factor
18. Study Of Separation Of Chaotic Signals And Its Applications
19. Research On Channel Estimation, Equalization And Coherent Detection Under Fading Channels
20. Research On Multi-Input Multi-Output Continuous Phase Modulation Transmission Technology
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