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Keyword [SPARQL]
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1. Research On GeoSpatial Semantic Query
2. Research On The Approaches To Combining Ontologies And Rules In The Semantic Web
3. Research Of Migrating Relational Database Based Legacy System To Semantic Web
4. Distributed Semantic Query Based On Sparql
5. Research On The Optional Matching Issue In RDF Queries
6. Study On Natural Language Interface To Ontology Knowledge Bases
7. Keywords Based Semantic Search
8. Research For Modeling Semantic Web Service Base On Semantic Templates
9. The Research On The Indexing For RDF
10. Research On Key Technology Of Knowledge Management System
11. Mapping Integrity Constraint Ontology To The Relational Database
12. Searching Relation Paths Among RDF-Based Semantic Nodes
13. Research On Shipping Information Storage And Query System On The Semantic Web
14. Ontology Semantic Information Retrieval Based On Natural Language Understanding
15. Research On Web Resources Management Based On Semantic Web
16. Ontology-based Xml Data Stream Query System
17. Based On Rdf Storage And Query Relational Databases
18. Research And Implementation Of Ontology-based Heterogeneous Data Integration System
19. Query Optimization And Performance Evaluation Of RDFBase
20. RDF Engine Based On Relation Database
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