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Keyword [Parallel algorithm]
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1. Research On Boolean Satisfiability Algorithms
2. Research On Efficient Feature Selection And Learning Algorithms For Big Data
3. Parallel Unstructured Mesh Generation Approaches For Large-Scale Numerical Simulations
4. Research On The Key Technology Of Graphic Processor And The Parallel Structure Of Ray Tracing
5. Vector Quantization And Image Compression--The Analysis Of Theory, The Design Of Algorithm, Application And Implementation
6. Research Of Parallel ATPG Algorithm And Prototype System Design
7. The Parallel Computing Of Adjoint Models Of Variational Data Assimilation In Numerical Weather Forecasting
8. Parallel Computing The Matrice Generalized Eigenvalue Under Distributed Memory Environments
9. Studies On Optimal Path Algorithms And Its Applications In Time-Varying And Stochastic Networks
10. Data-Mining Methods Study And Its Application In Tranditional Chinese Prescription Compatibility Analysis
11. Research On Parallel Data Mining And Application For Business Intelligence
12. The Research Of High Performance Preprocessing Techniques And Distributed Parallel Algorithm For Toeplitz Systems
13. High-Accuracy And Parallel Algorithms For Supervised Remote-sensing Image Classification
14. Study And Implementation Of Parallel Algorithms For Remote Sensing Image Processing
15. Algorithms Of Maximal Frequent Itemset Mining And Their Applications
16. Design Of Parallel Optimization Algorithm And Software And Port Of Numerical Software
17. Application Of Higher-order Statistics Technology To The Measurement Of Two-Phase Flow
18. Knowledge Discovery Methods Research Based On Formal Concept Analysis
19. Distributed Computation For Dixon Resultant On VEGA Grid
20. The Parallel Algorithm Research Of Mechanical Geometry Theorem Proving
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