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1. Research On Analyses Of Motion Characteristics And Motion Control Of Serial Robot Combining Screw Theory
2. Research On Digital Lithography Imaging Algorithm And Mask Optimization Methods
3. Study On ISAR Jamming Techniques Based On Scattering And Micro-motion Characteristics Modulation Of Targets
4. The Research Of Intelligent Optimization Algorithm And Their Applications To Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering
5. Research On Imaging Algorithms Of Terahertz Radar
6. Research On The ISAR Imaging Based On The Non-searching Estimation Technique Of Motion Parameters
7. Interference Suppression For Space-borne SAR And Precise Imaging Of Space Object
8. New Signal Compensation Techniques For High Resolution SAR/ISAR Imaging
9. Research On Inverse Algorithms For Targets Buried In Heterogeneous Medium With Unknown Parameters
10. Control Theory Of Fractional Order Systems
11. The Research On New Internal Model Control Methods For Complex System
12. Research Of Interferometric 3D ISAR Imaging For Space Target
13. Study On The Key Technology Of Redundant Glue Robot
14. Research On Visual Detection And Batting Decision For 7-DOF Table-tennis Robot
15. Research On Radar High Resolutionimaging Technologies Based On Compressive Sensing
16. Super-resolution Methods Based On Nonlinear Diffusion Regularizing Models
17. Research On High Resolution ISAR Imaging And Scaling
18. Study On High Resolution Radar Unambiguous Imaging And Motion Compensation
19. Research On Optimal Design For Multivariable Systems Based On Internal Model Control Theory
20. Research On Algorithms Of Extended Target Tracking Based On Random Finite Set
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