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Keyword [Hybrid Automata]
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1. Research On Optimization Techniques For Bounded Model Checking Of Hybrid Systems
2. The Study Of Analysis And Synthesis For Hybrid Systems
3. Research On Some Main Technique Of Hybrid Dynamical System
4. Nonlinear Controller Algorithmic Analysis And Synthesis
5. Design And Implementation Of AADL Model Schedulability Analysis Tool
6. Software Tool-Chain For The Design And Analysis Of Hybrid Embedded Systems
7. Model Transformation Of The Hybrid System Reachability Analysis
8. Event Driven Monitoring Of Cyber-physical Systems Based On Hybrid Automata
9. Spatio-Temporal UML Model Method For Cyber-Physical Systems
10. Nonlinear Generalized Minimum Variance Control Of Hybrid Systems
11. Study On Dynamic Power Management Mechanism Of Node In WSNs
12. Modeling And Verifying Of CPS Component Service Composition Based On Hybrid Automata
13. Design And Implementation Of Hybrid Control Systems For Experimental Greenhouse Temperature
14. Modeling And Verification Of Self-adaptive Software Systems
15. Analysis Of Linear Hybrid System Based On The Semantics Of Transition System
16. Research On Modeling And Verifying Timing Constraints Of Interrupt- Driven Systems
17. Scenario-based Consistency Testing Of Hybrid Automata
18. Research On Formal Verification Methods For Hybrid Systems Based On Combined Formal Specification
19. Research On Hybrid Automata Model Checking And Its Application
20. Reliability Analysis Of AFDX Network Based On State/Event Fault Tree
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