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Keyword [Face Recognition]
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1. Research On Robust Feature Representation Of Face Image
2. Research Of Face Image Analysis And Recognition Methods Based On,Local Features
3. Research On Minimum Squared Errorbased Face Feature Extraction And Classification Algorithms
4. Research On Face Recognition Algorithm Based On Manifold Learning And Collaborative Representation
5. Research On Some Problems In Face Recognition In Uncontrolled Conditions
6. Research On The Key Technology Of Face Recognition
7. Research On Key Technologies Of Mobile Multimedia Annotation And Management
8. Research On Feature Extraction And Metric Learning Algorithms In Face Recognition
9. Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Algorithm Based On The Regularized Method And Its Applications
10. Image Local Structure Based Feature Extraction And Classification For Face Recognition
11. Research On Global And Local Information For Face Recognition
12. Research On Key Issues Of Face Detection And Recognition In Random Video
13. A Study On Face Recognition Based On Compressive Sensing
14. Research On Face Recognition Based On Sparse Representation
15. Research On Human Face Recognition Under Complex Lighting Condtions
16. Research On Face Recognition Under Incompletely Sampling Based On Data-oriented Sparse Representation
17. Researches On Sparse Representation For Image Restoration And Recognition
18. Research On Video Based Human Objecet Tracking And Recognition
19. Spectral Clustering And Dimension Reduction Algorithms With Their Applications
20. Research On Expression-Iinsensitive Three Dimensional Face Recognition
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