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1. Research On Key Technology Of Visual Object Detection And Segmentation
2. Researches On Implementation Techniques Of Key Algorithms For Continuous Phase Modulation Systems
3. Study On Motion Analysis, Object Segmentation, And Application Technology About Compression And Transmission Of The Digital Video
4. The Research On Some Capacity-Approaching Codes And Their VLSI Designs
5. The Key Technologies Research And Engineering Application Of Injection Type Active Power Filter
6. Speckle Suppression Of SAR Images And Extraction Of Local Features
7. Research On Service Unit Based Network Architecture And Its Crucial Techniques
8. The Study On Frequent Patterns Mining And Data Predicting Over Data Streams
9. Research On Algorithms For Mining Top-K Frequent Patterns Over Data Streams
10. Research On High Level Synthesis Of IP Core For Specific Applications
11. Study Of Some Key Problems In Design And Implementation Of Video Codec
12. Study On Skyline Query Processing Techniques In Wireless Sensor Networks
13. Study On Key Technologies Of Frequent Items Mining And Clustering On Data Streams
14. Design And Realization Of File Transfer Protocol For Short-wave Communication System
15. The Research On The Flow Control Of ABR Service Based On ATM Networks
16. Research On Connection Admission Control Mechanism Of QoS
17. Study On Some Key Technologies And Design For Wireless Video Conferencing Systems
18. Research On Host-Based Intrusion Detection Methods
19. Research On RSA And Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Algorithms
20. Design Of Turbo Decoder In MIMO-GMC System And Its FPGA Implementation
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