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1. Applied Research On DNA Self-assembly Model In Biosensor Design
2. Biological Cryptosystem And DNA Computing Of Cryptologcial Problems
3. Liquid Bridge Shape Analysis Of QFN Solder Joint And Structure Design Of Self-assembly Welding
4. Inkjet Printing PLED Display And Related Studies
5. The Study Of Oxide Thin-film Transistor And Active Material
6. Surface Modification, Self-Assembly And Optical Properties Of ZnO Nano-Crystals
7. Fabrication, Properties And Self-assembly Of Building Blocks For 3D Photonic Crystals
8. Electrochemical Self-Assembly Of Metal Oxide Materials And The Study Of Their Composites And Optoelectronic Devices
9. Studies On Electrochemical DNA Biosensors Based On Electropolymerized Films And Self-Assembly Monolayers
10. Microstructures And Photoluminescence Of Rare Earth Ion Doped Phosphors By Self-assembly Of Nano Pseudoboehmite Composite Sol
11. The Study Of Molecular Computing And Nanotechnology Based On DNA Self-Assembly
12. Study On Fabrication Of Microscale Photonic Polymer Devices And Their Properties
13. Fabrication Of Novel Electrochemical Biosensors Based On Layered Nanomaterials
14. Study Of Amperometric Biosensor Based On Carbon Nanotubes And It's Applications In Pesticides Detection
15. Research Of Microcantilever Biochemical Sensing Technique Based On Optical Readout
16. Gas Sensitive Properties Research Of Composite Semiconductor Film Fabricated By Self-assembly
17. The Research And Applications Of DNA Computing By Self-assembly
18. Researches On Several Cryptological Problems Based On DNA Computing By Self-Assembly
19. Preparation And NH3 Gas-sensing Characteristic Research Of Conducting Polymer Nanocomposite Thin Films
20. Research On The Applications Of Several NP Problems And Cryptography Problems Based On DNA Self-assembly
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