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1. Research On Key Materials For Intelligent Vehicle Detection Sensors
2. Research On Some Key Technologies Of Space Optical Communication
3. Fabrication And Sensing Characteristics Of Polymer Bragg Fiber Gratings
4. Special Structure Polymer Optical Fibers: Design, Fabrication And Properties
5. Design, Fabrication And Applications Of Microstructured Optical Elements And Devices
6. Research On Flexible Tactile Sensor For Prosthesis Hand
7. Study On Terahertz Microstructured Polymer Fiber And Fiber Device
8. Research On Optical Fiber Sensors Based On Double Fabry-Pérot Structure
9. Control Of Random Polymer Optical Fiber Laser
10. Research On Polymer Fiber Optics Displacement Sensor Based On Twisted Macro-bend Coupling & Side-coupling
11. Driving Characteristics Research And Application Of The Twisted And Coiled Actuator
12. Highly Sensitive Fiber Sensor Of Refractive Index And Temperature Based On Surface Plasmon Resonance In Side-Polished Technology
13. Design And Experimental Research Of Bionic Hexapod Soft Robot Driven By Artificial Muscle
14. Research On Tensegrity Robot Driven By Flexible Artificial Muscle And Its Motion Control
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