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1. The Fabrications And Applications Of Novel Bio-electrochemical Sensors In Environmental Medicine Analysis
2. Research On Measurement Technology Of Bio-molecules And Pesticides Molecules On Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy
3. Study On Piezoelectric Immunosensor For Detection Of Pesticide Residues
4. Investigations On Microcantilever Immunosensor Technique
5. Research On Weed Detection And Navigation Parameters Acquisition Of Pesticide Spraying Robot
6. Quartz Crystal Microbalance-Based Electrospun Nanofiber Sensors For Trace Amounts Of Harmful Substances Detection In Liquid
7. Indoor Pesticide Smart-Targeting Application Simulation System Based On Machine Vision
8. The Establishment On Expert System For Botanical Pesticide
9. Pesticide Residues Detecting System Design Base On Enzyme Electrode
10. Indoor Robot System For Smart Targeting Pesticide Spraying
11. Studies On Rapid Detection Of Orgnaophosphorus And Carbamate Pesticides By Enzyme-biosensor
12. Research On Measurement Device Of Direct Injection System For Pesticide Sprayer
13. Research On Mixing Degree Of Direct Injection System For Pesticide Sprayer
14. Design Of Multi-channel Detecting System For Pesticide Residues
15. Design And Development Of The Network System For Pesticide Residues In Vegetables Detection And Monitor Price Of Vegetable
16. Enzymatic Biosensors Based On Carbon Nanotubes Modified For Detection Of Pesticide Residue
17. Experimental Research Of Infrared Detecting For Plants Targeting On High Efficiency And Low Pollution Pesticide Spraying
18. Design Of Portable Ganophosphorus Pesticideresidue Detector Based On Enzyme Electrod
19. Study On Pesticide Spraying Control System By Adjusting PWM Value
20. Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Organophosphate Pesticide Biosensors Based On Mesoporous Materials
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