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1. Research On The Characteristics Of Optical Antenna Based On Broadband Nanostructure
2. Preparation And Application Of SERS Substrate Based On Plasmonic Nanoanterina
3. Design Of Optical Nanoantennas And Their Optical Absorption Enhancement Properties
4. SPASER-based Metal-dielectric Nanolasers And Their Surface Plasmon Amplification Characteristics
5. Study On The Performance Of Single Photon Source With Optical Antenna
6. The Property Research Of Optical Nanoantenna Based On The Surface Plasmons
7. Research On The Optical Properties Of Graphene-Based Nanoantenna
8. The Design And Study On V-shaped Nanoantenna Based On Surface Plasmons
9. Study On Optical Trapping And Transport With Nanoantenna Array
10. Resonance Characteristics And Dipole Emission Control Of Heterogeneous Optical Nanoantennas
11. Dsign Of Broadband Nanoantenna And Absorber Based On Surface Plasmon Polaritons
12. Tuning Of Optical Nanoantenna Via Femtosecond Laser And Electrically Metasurface-based Optical Switch
13. Study Of Optical Nanoantenna On Controlling Near-field Enhancement And Unidirectional Scattering
14. Chip-based Electronically Controlled Beam-scanning Nanoantenna Array
15. Design And Optimization Of Multi-slot Nanoantenna
16. Mode Properties And Fluorescence Emission Mediation Of Metal-Dielectric-Metal Nanoantenna Array
17. Research On Ag Nanoparticle Film-Coupled Optical Nanoantenna
18. Optical dielectric nanoantenna for quantum cascade laser device directive emission
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