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Keyword [mean shift]
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1. Research On The Key Technologies Of Point Clouds Processing In 3D Reconstruction
2. Research On Technology Of Ground Object Tracking For Imaging Seeker
3. Object Detection, Tracking And Re-Identification In Multi-Camera
4. Research On Key Techniques In Video Image Processing
5. Algorithm Research Of Pedestrian Detection Based On Vision Sensor
6. Research On Image Correlation Analysis, Exploration, And Its Applications
7. Moving Target Detection And Tracking In Complex Background
8. The Research On Tracking In Intelligence Videos Surveillance Based On Multi-Camera
9. Research On Key Technology Of Object Tracking Based On Multi-feature Fusion In Complex Scenes
10. Research On Key Theories And Technologies For Detecting Pedestrian Traffic Information Based On Computer Vision
11. A New Machine Vision Based Supervision Control System For Granulators Of Large Time Delay And Parameter Uncertainty
12. Study On Methods And Implementation Of Fast Object Automatic Detection And Tracking
13. Studies On Denoising And Smoothing Of 3D Digital Geometry
14. Study On Key Algorithms Used In Virtual Exhibition System
15. Research On Video Based Object Detection And Tracking
16. A Study Of Mean Shift And Correlative Algorithm In Visual Tracking
17. Study On Face Tracking And Recognition
18. Studies On The Digital Geometry Processing Of Point-sampled Models
19. Research On Visual Tracking Algorithm Based On Particle Filter
20. Study On Target Recognition And Tracking Based On Image
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