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1. Research Of Training Program And Evaluating System For 5-DOF Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot
2. Research On Intelligent Algorithms For Constrained Interval Nonlinear Optimizations
3. Study On The Receding Horizon Optimization Methods In Neural Network Predictive Control
4. Research On Extraction Of Fast Local Image Features
5. Research On SVR-based Non-Mechanism Modeling And Fault Prediction
6. Energy-Efficient Task Scheduling Based On Interval Partitioning In Embedded Real-Time System
7. Research On Key Technologies Of Multi-source Guiding Information Fusion
8. Resource Provisioning Methods For Cloud Workflow Applications
9. Multi-objective Lot-streaming Flow Shop Scheduling Based On Evolutionary Optimization
10. Research On Intelligent Identification And Control Of Chaotic System
11. Key Technologies Of High Precision And Low Cost Galvanometer Scanning Laser 3D Vision System
12. Research On Interval Observer And Its Control System
13. Research On The Decision Fusion Method Of Incomplete Information System Based On Generalized Rough Set Theory
14. Researches Of Robust Control For Structure Uncertain Linear Systems
15. Wavelet On The Interval And Multiwavelet And Their Application In Image Processing
16. Research On The Formal Design Of Digital Hardware: Theories And Approaches
17. Modeling, Stability Analysis, And Scheduling Of Networked Control Systems
18. Analysis And Optimization Of Guard Interval For OFDM System
19. Study On Motion Analysis, Object Segmentation, And Application Technology About Compression And Transmission Of The Digital Video
20. Dual-amplitude Pulse Interval Modulation For Optical Wireless Communications And Optical ETC Prototype
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