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Keyword [gold nanorods]
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1. Study Of Optical Micro/Nanofiber Sensors Based On Microfluidic Chips
2. Study Of Several DNA Sensors Based On Nanoparticle Label
3. Study Of Several Dna Sensors Based On Nanoparticle Label
4. Research On The Role Enhancing SPR Sensor's Sensitivity By Gold Nanorods
5. Study On Mode-locked Fiber Lasers Based On Gold Nanorods Saturable Absorbers And Their Applications
6. Development Of Novel Gold Nanorods-based Non-aggregation Colorimetric Sensor And Applications In Biological Analysis
7. Construction And Sensing Application Of(quantum Dots-gold Nanorods) Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer System
8. Design And Applications Of Gold Nanorods Based Non-aggregation Colorimetric Sensors
9. Study On Properties Of Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance And Chitosan Micelles Fluorescence Applied To Chemical/Biological Sensor
10. Biosensor Based On The Assembly Of Gold Nanoparticles For Monitoring The Caspase-3
11. Study On Mode-locked Fiber Lasers Based On A New Type Of Gold Nanomaterials
12. Low Dimension Materials Q-switched Er-doped Fiber Laser Based On All-optical Modulation
13. Synthesis And Application Of Gold Nanorods For In Vivo Photoacoustic Imaging
14. Pulsed Laser Research Based On Gold Nanorod Saturable Absorbers
15. Fabrication And Characterization Of Gold Nanorods Bio-Sensing Micro Array
16. Organic Resistive Random Access Memory Based On Gold Nanorods
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