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Keyword [fuzzy clustering]
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1. Research On Key Technologies Of Gas Identification Based On Sensor Array Transient Response
2. Recognition And Intelligent Modeling Methods Based On Multi-view Learning And Trasnfer Learning
3. Research On Key Technology Of Cryptography Algorithm Recognition And Analysis
4. Study Of Texture Segmentation Methods Based On Fuzzy Clustering And Neural Networks
5. Research On Remotely Sensed Image Classification Techniques
6. Study On The Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Techniques Of Diesel Engine
7. Studies On Hand-Drawn Graphics Recognition In Human Machine Interaction
8. Studies On New Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms And Clustering Validity Problems
9. Study On The Technology Of Video Segmentation For Video Objects Generation
10. The Research On The Key Technologies Of Image Database Retrieval
11. Fuzzy Modeling And Control Of Complex Industrial Processes
12. Study On Intelligent Integrated Optimal Control Technique And Application To Lead-Zinc Sintering Process
13. Research On Genetic Fuzzy System For Knowledge Extraction
14. The Research Of Image Segmentation Based On Fuzzy Clustering
15. Novel Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Based On Nature Inspired Computation
16. Studies On Granularity Data Mining And Its Application In Process Industry
17. Research Of Key Techniques In Cluster Analysis
18. Study On Fuzzy Trust Model And National PKI System
19. Research On Support Vector Machine Algorithm And Its Application
20. Research Of Image Segmentation Methods Based On Fuzzy Systems Theory
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