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Keyword [differential evolution]
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1. Research About Feature Selection And Classification For Interactive Feature Of High-dimensinal Data
2. Weight Learning And Differential Evolutionary In Machine Learning
3. Research On The Key Technologies Of Energy-Efficient Clustering Routing Algorithm For Wireless Sensor Networks
4. Research On Array Synthesis And Control Of Antenna Radar Cross Section
5. Study On Evolutionary Algorithms For Constrained Optimization And Multiobjective Optimization Problems
6. Research On Differential Evolution And Its Application
7. Research On Resilient Network Design Of The Fourth-Party Logistics
8. Reliability Design Of Complex Software Systems Under A Bounded Resource Environment
9. Cellular Automata-based Differential Evolution Algorithm And Its Applications In Communication Systems
10. Self-adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm And Its Applications
11. Research On Scheduling Problem Of Large-scale SWRO Desalination Plant And Its Application
12. Research On Correlation Guided Many-Objective Evolutionary Optimization
13. Design Of Wireless Communication Antennas And Optimization Synthesis Of Time Modulated Arrays
14. Tolerance Optimization Of Antenna Arrays And Design Of Wireless Terminal Printed Antennas
15. Research On Lexical Semantic Similarity Measurement Based On Knowledge Integration
16. Moving Object Detection Research Based On Video
17. Research On Evolutionary Computing For Optimization Problem
18. Study On Attitude Auto-Interpretation Of Moving Object In Highspeed Video
19. Research On Optimization Algorithms Based On Particle Swarm Optimization And Differential Evolution
20. Differential Evolution Algorithm With Greedy Strategy And Its Applications
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