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Keyword [Spatial Databases]
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1. Top-K Query Processing On Euclidean Space And Road Networks
2. The Study Of The Probabilistic Query Processing Techniques And The Analysis Of The Reachable Region For Moving Objects Located In A Constrained Space
3. Spatial Database Oriented Application Research On Spatial Data Mining
4. The Research On Nearest Neighbors Query Technologies In Spatial Network Databases
5. The Research And Implement Of Spatial Date Index Technology Base On R-Tree
6. Research Of RkNN In The Application Of Spatial Databases
7. Ontology-based Consistent Researches For Multiple Representation Of Spatial Data
8. The Design And Realization Of The Power Intelligent Patrol And Inspection Management System Based On The GIS
9. Research On Continuous K Nearest Neighbour Queries In Road Network
10. Research Of Dynamic Reverse Nearest Neighbor For Moving Objects
11. Research Of Spatial Join And Query Optimization In Spatial Databases
12. Nearest Neighbor Query Of Planar Polygon Based On Line Segment
13. Research On Continuous Nearest Neighbor Queries Based On R-Tree In Spatial Databases
14. The Design And Implementation Of Land And Resources Geographic Information Management System For Weifang
15. Research On Continuous Reverse Nearest Neighbor Queries In Road Network
16. Research Of Spatial Join And Query Optimization Based Raster
17. Optimal Path Quries And Application In Road-Networks
18. Research On Methods For Nearest Neighbor Query On Uncertain Data
19. The Design And Implementation Of Urban Road Traffic Management Of Spatial Database
20. Research On Authentication Of Reverse K Nearest Neighbor Query For Outsourced Spatial Databases
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