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1. Theoretical And Experimental Investigation Of Several Key Micro-Nanophotonic Components
2. Synthesis Of Low Dimensional Semiconductor Materials And Their Applications In New Energy Devices
3. Synthesis And Photoelectric Properties Of Ⅲ-Ⅴ Semiconductor Nanostructures
4. Functionalized Optical Micro/Nanowires And Their Lasing Applications
5. Preparation Of Gallium Nitride Nanowire And Its Detector Using Nitrogen Doped Gallium Oxide Film As Underlayer
6. Researches On The In-situ Electrical Measurements In A TEM With Micro-chips
7. Growth Of Single-Crystal ZnO By MOCVD, P-type Doping And Room-Temperature Electroluminescence Of ZnO-Based LED
8. Study Of The Growth Of SiC Crystals With Different Morphologies In Matal-silicide Fluxes
9. The Study Of Solution Synthesis, Structure Characterization And Application Of Low Dimension Semiconductors
10. Silicon Nanowires Fabricated By MEMS Technology And Its Properties Characterization
11. Hybrid Metallic-dielectric Micro-and Nanostructures For Photonic Components
12. The Preparation Of Metal Organic Complexes M-tcnq Micro-nano Structure And Electrical Properties Of Study
13. A Study On Novel Chemical Sensors Based On Luminescence Quenching Of Cryptophane-functionalized SiO_x Nanowires
14. Study On The Properties Of GaN Grown By Hydride Vapour Phase Epitaxy
15. Development Of UV-enhanced Semiconducting Oxide Gas Sensors
16. Gold Nanoparticles For Sensor Application
17. Research Of Synthesizing Of GaN Films And Nanowires With Assistances Of SiC Intermediate Layers On Si Substrates
18. Synthesis And Characterization Of GaN And ZnO Semiconductor Compounds
19. The Growth And Properties Research On SnO2 Nanowires
20. Fabrication And Growth Mechanism Study Of Te Nanowires
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