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Keyword [Multi-tenants]
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1. Research On Data Storge Schema And Mapping Mechanism In Multi-Tenants Environment
2. The Research On SaaS Model's Multi-tenants Multi-users Function And Architecture
3. The Research On Saas Model's Multi-tenants Multi-users Function And Architecture
4. Saas-based Flexible Work Flow In The Logistics System Design And Realization
5. Research And Implementation Of Service-Component Based Multi-Tenants Crm System
6. Research On Key Technology Of Business Process Management Oriented Paas Platform
7. Research Of Small And Medium-sized Medical Information Service Platform Based On Sca Multi-tenants
8. Research On Privacy Protection Strategy For SAAS
9. Research On Elastic Data Placement For SAAS Multi-Tenant In Cloud Computing
10. Research And Application Of Data Management And Store For Multi-tenants SaaS Applications
11. The Research And Implementation Of Secloud Multi-tenants Database Technologies
12. Study Of Extensible Data Modle Based On SaaS
13. Research On The User Security For SaaS-based Collaborative Platform Of Industrial-chain
14. Research On Attributes Clustering And Bidding Mechanism Based SaaS Oriented Privacy Preserving Method
15. Research On Multi-tenants Based Policy-driven Software Defined Networking In Cloud Computing Environment
16. Research On The Access Control Of The Multi-tenant Network Exports Based On The Multi-core
17. The Research Of Resource Meta-model Based Data Service Customization And Integration Framework
18. SLO Oriented Dynamic Balance Mechanism Of Resource In Multi-tenant Environment
19. Design And Implementation Of A Resource Scheduler Based On Spark-on-EGO
20. Research And Development Of SaaS-based Reporting Tool System
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