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Keyword [Micro Architecture]
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1. Research And Design Of High Performance Digital Signal Processor
2. Multi-Path Trace Processors
3. Architecture And Microarchitecture Design Research Of RISC/DSP Processor
4. Research On High Performance Embedded Risc-Based Processor
5. Performance Analysis And Optimizations Of Microprocessors
6. Study Of A Multi-threaded Network Processor With Distributed Micro-architecture
7. Research Of High Performance, Low Power Design For VLIW Architecture Digital Signal Processor: Prototype, Algorithm & Implementation
8. Research On The Acceleration Policy Of Software Based Micro-architecture Simulation
9. Research For Micro-Architecture Optimization On Media DSP IP Core
10. Research & Development Of High Performance Embedded Media Processor IP Core
11. Cross Platform Embedded System BSP Design
12. Design And Implementation Of Processing Element In Network Processor
13. Research And Implement Of State Coal Mine Security Production System Based On Design Pattern
14. Research And Design Of LDPC Codes Encoder For Terrestrial Digital Multimedia TV/Handle Broadcasting
15. SVM Regression Model For Design Space Exploration Of Micro-architecture
16. Design And Implementation Of The E-Governement System For Harbin Municipal Policy Research Office
17. The Design And Optimization Of 1GHz Vector Execution Unit
18. Hierarchical Physical Design Of The Core Pac In YHFT-X DSP
19. Research And Evaluation Of A Micro Architecture Solution To GPGPU Memory Irregularity Problem Based On Thread Regrouping
20. The Research On Branch Prediction Analysis Attacks And Countermeasures
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