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Keyword [Information Entropy]
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1. Research On Several Issues About Image Processing Based On Pulse Coupled Neural Networks
2. Research On Key Technology Of Cryptography Algorithm Recognition And Analysis
3. Research On Self-training Semi-supervised Classification For Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Based On Information Entropy
4. Research On Key Techniques Of Feature-Based Texture Visualization For Complex Flow Field
5. A Study Of Sensor Management
6. Processing Method Research Based On The Characteristic Of Spectral Image
7. Study On The Algorithm And Software Of Molecular Docking Optimization In Computer-Aided Drug Design
8. Study On Crucial Techniques Of Intrusion Detection Based On Data Mining
9. Design Of Algorithms And Programs For Drug Discovery And Drug Targeted Virtual Screening
10. Study On Model And Algorithm Of Dynamic Feature Fusion Based On Information Sources Selection And Sequential Extraction
11. Study On Information Entropy Feature Extraction And Fusion Methods In Fault Diagnosis
12. Process Industry Oriented Raw Material Supply Programming Model With Intelligent Decision And Its Application
13. Research On The Method Of Intelligent Data Analysis Based On Rough Set And Concept Lattice
14. Study On Infrared Small Target Detection And Tracking Algorithm Under Complex Backgrounds
15. Muti-step-ahead Prediction And Optimization Algorithms For Nonlinear System And Their Applicatons In Hydrologic Forcasting
16. A Study On The Technology Of The Infrared Sequences Image Matching Tracking
17. Researches On Models And Algorithms Of Text Information Extraction
18. Research On Image Segmentation Based On Fuzzy Theory And Region Methods
19. Research On The Processing Of Uncertain Data On Wireless Sensor Surveillance Network Environment
20. Geometric Flows Based Medical Image Segmentation Methods And Applications
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