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21. Stability Of The Major Light-harvesting Complex Of Photosystem II Of Higher Plant
22. Ecological Habits And Landscpe Design Of Wetland Plants In Hangzhou City
23. Study On Dynamics Of CO2 Flux In Swan Islet Wetland And Effects Of Environmental Factors
24. Phenology, Leaf Structure And Function, And Seasonal Variation In Photosynthesis Of Woody Plants In A Dry-Hot Valley Of Yuanjiang, Southwestern China
25. Chlorophyll Fluorescence Of 20 Species Of Wetland Plants
26. The Responses Of Several Species Seedlings To Enhanced Ultraviolet-B And Nitrogen Supply In East Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
27. Effects Of Elevated CO2 Concentration On Physiological Characteristics And Growth Of Birch (Betula Albosinensis Burk.) Seedlings
28. Study On Ecophysiological Response Of Sedges (Carex: Cyperaceae) To Heterogeneous Environment
29. Establishment Of Steady-state Cholorophyll A Fluorescence Kinetics And Photosynthesis Of Overwintering Evergreen Broad-leaf Plant
30. Regulation Of Ionic And Reactive Oxygen Species Homeostasis In Seedlings Of Two Mangrove And The Relevance To Salinity
31. DF Detection Technique And Its Application Of Photosynthesis Capacity And Stress Examination
32. Impacts Of Solar Radiation On Morphology, Photosynthesis And Growth Of The Economic Cyanobacterium Arthrospira (Spirulina) Platensis
33. The Photosynthesis Responses To Water Stress And Light-flecks In Tropical Epiphytic And Terrestrial Ferns
34. Studies On Photosynthesis Of Phytoplankton In China Sea
35. Studies On Function Of Over-expression Of Plastid-specific Ribosomal Protein 3 In Arabidopsis Thaliana
36. Effects Of EGY1-defect On PSâ…ˇ Stability And Leaf Senescence In Arabidopsis Thaliana
37. Studies On Eco-physiological Adaptation Mechanism And Endangering Mechanism Of Tetraena Mongolica Maxim. In Different Habitats
38. Reproductive Strategies Of Three Common Species Of Ranunculaceae At Alpine Meadow In Qinghai Tibetan Plateau
39. Carbon Fluxes Over An Estuarine Wetland: In Situ Measurement And Modeling
40. Suppression Of Phytoene Desaturase Gene Affects On The Function Of Photosynthesis
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