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181. The Effect Of Nutrient Heterogeneity On Photosynthetic And Fluorescence Characteristics Of Zoysia Japonica Clonal Ramet
182. The Response To Diving Depth Water For Typical Plant’s Water Transport Process In Arid Area
183. The Effect Of Different Concentrations Of Calcium On Growth And Photosynthetic Physiological Characteristics Of Typical Plants In Karst
184. Study On The Characteristics Of Photosynthesis And Soil Respiration In The Edge Of Ebinur Lake Wetland With Typical Plant Communities
185. Ecological Adaptability Of Typical Woody Plant Seedlings Under Drought Stress In Mining Areas Of The Loess Plateau
186. The Study Of Energy Transfer In Photosynthesis Light-harvesting Systems
187. Ecological Adaptability Of Four Herbaceous Plants Under Drought Stress In Mining Regions Of The Plateau Loess
188. Effects Of Light Intensity And Temperature On Photosynthesis Of Syntrichia Caninervis
189. Effects Of Different Water Stress On Active Oxygen,stoma And Photosynthesis Characteristics Of Wheat And The Transportation Passway Of H2O2 Between Guard Cell And Cubsidiary Cell Of Maize
190. Photosynthetic Physiology And Root System Characteristics Of Two Native Species Under Mixtures In Loss Hilly-gully Region
191. Effects Of Ocean Acidification And Increasing Temperature On The Photosynthesis And Nitrogen Metabolism Of Laminaria Japonica
192. Physiological Traits And Responses To Drought Stress Among Sex Morphs Of Oxyriasinensis(Polygonaceae)
193. The Study On The Ecological Response Of Phragmites Communis Under The Water Salt Gradient In Qingtu Lake
194. Biological Properties Of Endophytes/Calama Grostis Symbiota
195. The Responses Of Photosynthetic Physiological Characteristics In ULVA Species To The Changes Of Marine Environment
196. The Effects Of Exogenous Hydrogen Sulfide On Rice Photosythesis And Its Protective Role Under High Light Stress
197. The Combined Effects Of BDE-47 And UV-b Radiation On The Growth And Photosynthesis Of Karenia Mikimotoi
198. Cloning And Identification Of T-DNA Insertional Yellow-leaf Mutant In Tomato
199. Imazethapyr Enantioselectively Affects Growth And Flowering Time In Arabidopsis Thaliana
200. The Study On Physiological Mechanisms Underlying Atriplex Canescens In Response To Salinity And Drought
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