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181. Effects Of Alpine Wetland And Meadow's Degradation And Restoration On Soil Nutrition,Soil Microorganism And Organic Compounds
182. Soil Quality Assessment And Microorganism Characteristic Responses To Fertilizer Treatments In Paulownia Fortunei Plantations
183. Growth Promoting Effect Of Clay-Microorganism Interaction In The Arid Region Of Northwest China
184. Effects Of Throughfall Exclusion On Soil Aggregate And Carbon Sequestration In Two Subtropical Plantations
185. Response Of Soil Microbial Community To Long-term Fertilization Regimes In Different Black Soil Locations Of Northeast China
186. Inhibition Of Ammonia Nitrogen On Methanogens And Anaerobic Reactor Microorganism Community Succession With The Increase Of Organic Loading
187. Effect Processes And Mechanisms Of Natural Restoration Process Of The Quercus Liaotungensis Communities On Soil Characteristics In The Ziwuling Area
188. Distribution Of Petroleum Hydrocarbons And Variation Of Microbial Communities In Sediments From Dalian Sea Area
189. Effects Of Silver Nanoparticles On Soil Nitrogen Transformation By Bacteria And The Mechanisms
190. Study On The Directed Evolution And Immobilization Of Esterase From Marine Microorganism
191. Soil Microbial Community Diversity Under Different Artificial Vegetation Types In The Hydro-fluctuation Zone Of The Three Gorges Reservoir
192. Diversity Of Iron-and Sulfur-cycling Microorganism And The Role Of Microbial Activity In Fe(?) Hydroxysulfate Mineral Transformations In A River Affected By Acid Mine Drainage
193. Technology And Application Of Rumen Microorganisms In Anaerobic Digestion Of Agriculture Solid Organic Waste
194. Study On The Multistage Contact Oxidation Technology Treatment Of Hypersaline Organic Wastewater And Its Microbiological Characteristics
195. Microbial-Toxicological Combined Response Mechanism And Simulation Of Groundwater Polluted By Farming In Desertification Areas
196. Microbial Community Structure In Seamount And Diversity Of Marine Magnetotactic Bacteria
197. Community Structure And Diversity Of Phosphorus-solubilizing Microorganism In Biological Soil Crusts And Its Function
198. Study On Interaction Mechanism Of Nitrogen Transport-transformation And Soil Microbial In Salinizcd Intercropping Farmland
199. Effects Of Wetland Rhizosphere Microorganisms On Phosphorus Transformation And Release And Plant Uptake
200. Lactobacilli Stress Response Mechanism And Polymicrobial Interaction With Yeast In Food System
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