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1. Herbaceous Specics Distribution And Canopy Gap Disturbance In Temperate Forest Of Mt. Taibai, The Qinling Mountains
2. Biomass Estimates And Its Spatial Pattern Of A Primary Temperate Forest In Xiaoxing'an Mountains, Northeast China
3. Phenology And Seasonal Variability Of Understory Herbs In Broad-leaved Korean Pine Forest In Changbai Mountain
4. Leaf Morphological And Anatomical Traits From Tropical To Cold-temperate Forest Plants:Latitude Pattern And Influence Factors
5. Scatter-Hoarding Strategy Of Rodents To The Forest Tree Seeds In The Temperate Forest Of Zhangguangcai Mountains In Northeastern China
6. Effect Of Growing Season N Addition And Reduced Precipitation On Soil C Dynamics During The Non-Growing Season
7. Effects Of Simulated Nitrogen Deposition On Carbon And Nitrogen In Soil Of Xishan Artificial Forest,Beijing
8. Variations And Influencing Factors Of Carabine Diversity In Temperate Forests Of China
9. Effects Of Snow-depth Manipulation On Foliar Litter Decomposition And Nutrient Release Of Fraxinus Mandshurica And Larix Gmelinii
10. Effect Of Gap Size On Soil CO2 Efflux In A Mixed Broadleaved-korean Pine Forest
11. Characteristics Of Soil Nitrogen Mineralization Under Different Forest Types In Cold-temperate Forest Areas
12. Comparative Phvlogeographic Study Of Smilax Rotundi-Folia And S.walteri In North America
13. Seed Dispersal(Endozoochory)by Golden Snub-nosed Monkeys(Rhinopithecus Roxellana)in Shennongjia National Park,central China
14. Study On Soil Aggregates And Their Organic Carbon And Nitrogen In Cold Temperate Forest
15. Response Of Soil Enzyme Activity And Chemical Properties To Nitrogen Addition In The Korean Pine Plantation
16. Responses And Mechanisms Of Ecosystem Stoichiometry And Litter Decomposition To Nitrogen,Phosphorus And Acid Addition In A Temperate Forest
17. Impacts of climate change on the phenology of temperate forest plants and birds in Massachusetts and Japan
18. Seed dispersal and distributions of woody plants across temperate forest fragments
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