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1. Observed Changes Of Shallow Soil Temperatures Associated With Climate Factors In Northeast China
2. Study On The Development And Distribution Characteristicsand Early Warning Of Slow-inclination Shallow Soil Landslidesin Red Bed Areainduced By Rainfall-
3. Analysis On The Topography And Rainfall Starting Factors Of Shallow Soil Landslide
4. Study On Early Waring System For Rain-induced Slope Failure In Residual Soils In Southeast Coastal Region Of China
5. Analysis Of The Characters Of Shallow Soil In The Chengdao Sea Area And The Adaptability Of Pile Foundation
6. Analysis On The Protection And Reinforcement Effect Of Herbaceous Plants In Shallow Soil Slope
7. Study Of The Red Beds Water-rock(soil) Chemical Interaction In The Slipping Zone
8. Research On Structure Characteristics Of Shallow Soil Layer In Jianghan Basin Based On The Microtremor Survey Method
9. Experimental Study On The Relations Between Acoustic Velocity With Physical And Mechanical Properties Of Seabed Sediments
10. Study On The Thermal Conductivity Of Shallow Soil In Xuzhou City
11. Geochemical Characteristics And Environmental Geology Significance Of Shallow Soil In Northwest Of Weichang,Hebei Province
12. Shallow Soil Geochemical Characteristics And Environment Geological Significance Of Kangbao In Hebei
13. Moisture-heat-salt Migration Law In Shallow Soil In The Typical Area Of Shijiazhuang City,Hebei Province
14. Study On Prediction Model Of Shallow Soil Slope Gully Debris Flow In The Formation Of The Collection
15. Analysis And Application Of Settlement Difference Of Main Podium On Shallow Rock Foundation
16. Response Of Soil Freezing-thawing Process And Hydrothermal Change Of Shallow Soil In The Northwest Seasonal Frozen Soil Region To Climate
17. Effects Of Simulated Freezing-thawing Processes On Carbon And Nitrogen Gas Exchanges In Shallow Soil Of Permafrost Wetland
18. Geochemical Characteristics And Environmental Geology Significance Of Shallow Soil In Kecheng Area,Zhejiang Province
19. Risk Assessment Of Geological Disaster Of Shallow Soil Landslide
20. Research On Formation Mechanism And Reinforcement Of Shallow Soil Landslide In Jianshui Oil Pipeline MJ053 Based On Moisture-heat Coupling
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