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1. Allometric Scaling Expoents And Plant Interactions Regulated By Sensitivity To ABA In Arabidopsis Thaliana
2. Microarray Analysis Of Gene Expression Patterns And Putative Functions Of Differentially Expressed Genes In Mangrove Kandelia Candel Under High-salinity Stress
3. The Functional Analysis Of Promoter DNA Methylation In Regulating Shoot Regeneration Of Arabidopsis Thaliana
4. Molecular Cloning And Differential Expression Of SsINPS And SsP5CS Genes In Suaeda Salsa Under Salinity Stress
5. Molecular Cloning And Differential Expression Of SsPIP Gene In Suaeda Salsa Under Salinity Stress Set Up The System Of Soybean Transformation
6. Constructing Sense And Anti-sense AtNOS1 Gene Plant Expressing Systems And Physiological Responses Of AtNOS1 Mutant To Salinity Stress
7. Sequence Analysis And Salinity Stress Studies About UDP-glucose Dehydrogenase Of Dunaliella Salina (DsUGD)-a Key Enzyme In The Polysaccharide Metabolism
8. Comparative Study Of Salinity Stress On Physiological Effect In Two Limonium Mill
9. Research On Plant Tissue Culture And Expression Vector Construction Of Drought And Salinity Induced Genes In Alternanthera Philoxeroides
10. Changes In Interactions Between Plant Species Along A Salinity Gradient
11. Expression Of As-CAV-1and As-SDH Protein During Embryonic Development„ÄĀLow-temperature And High Salinity Stress In Artemia Sinica
12. Physiological Coupling Responses To Drought And Salinity Stress In Bluestem, Reed Canarygrass And Switchgrass
13. Expression Analysis Of A Stress-related Phosphoinositide-specific Phospholipase C Gene In Wheat(Triticum Aestivum L.)
14. Analysis Of The Physiological Mechanisms And Endogenous And Exogenous Strategies Of High Salinity Stress-induced Apoptosis In Torulopsis Glabrata
15. Reproductive Isolations In Seed Production And Germination Between Two Sister Desert Plants Pugionium Dolabratum And P. Cornutum (Brassicaceae)
16. Mixed Salinity Stress On Sorghum
17. Puccinellia Tenuiflora Seedlings Under Salinity Stress Ion Balance Adjustment Mechanism
18. Natural Variation Of Arabidopsis Thaliana Accessions In Response To Salinity Stress
19. Plant-Plant Interactions And The Effects Of Root Systems And Arbuscular Mycorrhizae Under Salt Stress
20. Adaptation Mechanisms Of A Novel Moderately Halophilic Species Halomonas Huangheensis Response To Salinity Stress
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