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1. Study On Bombyx Mori Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (BmNPV) Ubiquitin And Purification Of Bombyx Mori Ubiquitin
2. Genetic Transformation Of Taxol-Producing Endophytic Fungi And Molecular Cloning Of Genes Involved In Taxol Biosynthesis Pathway
3. Experimental And Theoretical Studies On Single And Double Photoionization Of Small Molecules
4. Identification And Characterization Of Antimicrobial Peptides From The Skin Secretion Of A Chinese Frog (Rana Dybowskii)
5. Structures And Functions Of The Peptide Toxins From The Spider Chilobrachys Jingzhao And A Non-peptide Toxin From The Spider Ornithoctonus Huwena
6. Heavy Quarkonia In The Relativistic Quark Model
7. Multiphoton Ionization Mass Spectrum Of Ammonia-alcohol Hydrogen-bonded Cluster
8. The Interaction Mechanism Of Cyclohexanone And 2-methylcyclohexanone With Femtosecond Laser Field
9. Study On Optical And Mass Spectroscopy In Supersonic Molecular Beam
10. Application And Research Of Spectrum Analysis In Proteomics
11. Ionization And Dissociation Mechanism Of Cyclopentanone Within Femtosecond Laser Field
12. Study On The Antagonstics Of Probiotics On Helicobacter Pylori
13. New Data Pretreating Strategies Research For Mass Spectrum In Proteomics
14. Research Of Protein Tyrosine Phosphorylation During Mouse Sperm Capacitation
15. Differential Proteomics Of Penicillum Griseofulvum F208 Highly Producing Griseofulvin In Biosynthesis
16. Tofms Of Gas Media In Femtosecond Laser Field And Measurement Of Soft X-Ray Spectrum
17. Spectroscopic Investigation On Supersonic Ti Atomic Beam And Plasma Diagnosis
18. Identification Of Proteins By Mass Spectrum Data Analysis-Research Of Fragmentation Model, Phosphopeptides And Spectral Library Search Method
19. Study Of Formaldehyde Cluster Plasma With Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
20. Studies Of VUV Synchrotron Radiation Photoionization And Dissociative Photoionization Of L-Valine And L-Isoleucine
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