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1. Cloning And Characterization Of Na~+/H~+ Antiport Genes From Salicornia Europaea L. And Tetragonia Tetragonioides O.
2. Isolation Of SsNHX1 From Halophyte Suaeda Salsa And Gene Engineering For Arabidopsis Thaliana
3. Salt-tolerance Mechanism Study On Thellungiella Halophila As A New Model Halophyte
4. Thermotolerance Of Photosynthesis In Salt-adapted Halophyte And Glycophyte
5. Vacuolar Ca~(2+) Transporters And Salt Tolerance In C3 Halophyte Suaeda Salsa L
6. Exploitation And Application Of Salt-tolerant Genes Of Halophyte Limonium Sinense And Suaeda Salsa
7. Cloning And Function Analysis Of The Cation Transporter SsHKT1 In A C3 Halophyte Suaeda Salsa L
8. Transgenic Plants Expressed BADH From Halophyte And Using Strong Promoters
9. Salt-tolerance Mechanisms In The Marine Halophyte Eelgrass
10. Effects Of Salt Stress On Leaf SOD And Photosynthetic Characters Of Halophyte Species
11. Studies On Effects Of Some Halophytes Under Salt Stress
12. Study On Anatomy And Embryology Of Thellungiella Halophila
13. Function Analysis Of SsNHX1,AtNHX1 And AtNHX5 Gene
14. Primary Construction Of Plant Regeneration System And Agrobacterium Tumefaciens-mediated Transformation System Of Halophyte Suaeda Salsa
15. Cloning And Expression Analysis Of The H Subunit Of V-H~+-ATPase In The Leaves Of Halophyte Suaeda Salsa Under Salt Stress
16. Overexpressing BvNHX1, AtNHX5 Improved Salt Tolerance Of Arabidopsis Thaliana
17. Introduction Of Na~+/H~+ Transporter Gene NHX From Native Halophyte Salicornia Spp In Xinjiang Into Brassica Napus And Its Salt Tolerance
18. Adaptive Strategies Of The Three Halophytic Species In Xinjiang In Their Seed Germination And Early Seedling Growth Stage
19. Study About SsHKT1 Gene By Expressing In Mutant Of Arabidopsis Thaliana Sas2-1
20. Solute Accumulation And Ion Balance Traits In Shoots Of An Alkali-tolerant Halophyte Kochia Sieversiana Under Salt-alkaline Mixed Stress
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