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1. Responses Of Sexual Reproduction Pattern And Leaf Traits Of Arabidopsis Thaliana To Elevated CO2
2. Effects Of Elevated CO2 Concentration On Physiological Characteristics And Growth Of Birch (Betula Albosinensis Burk.) Seedlings
3. Effects Of Elevated CO2 Concentration And Community Density On Uptake And Allocation Of Carbon And Nitrogen In Red Birch (Betula Albosinensis Burk.) Seedlings
4. Study On Growth Response And Mechanism Of Constructive Species At Subalpine Treeline To Elevated CO2 And Temperature In Western Sichuan, China
5. Effects Of Elevated CO2 Concentration On Photosynthesis And Growth In Anthurium Andraeanum Lind
6. Mediation Of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi On Plant Interaction Under Elevated Carbon Dioxide
7. Effects Of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Concentration And Temperature On Soluble Protein Content And Allocation Of Betula Albo-sinensis Seedlings
8. Responses Of The Inflorescence Stem Traits Of Arabidopsis Thaliana To Elevated CO2
9. Physiological Response Of Rice Seedlings To Elevated CO2 Concentration And Water Stress
10. Response Of Pardosa Astrigera (Araneae:Lycosidae) And Agelena Labyrinthica (Araneae:Agelenidae) To Elevated CO2 Concentration
11. Breeding A Highly CO2 Tolerent Microalga By UV-Iradiation And Analysia Of RbcL Sequence Variations Among Differernt Strains
12. Response Of Plant Defense Induced By Peach Aphid To Elevated CO2
13. Responses Of Photosynthetic And Physiological Characteristics Of Fargesia Benudata To Elevated CO2 Concentration And Temperature
14. The Response Mechanisms Of Lateral Roots And Stomata To Elevated Carbon Dioxide
15. Effect Of Elevated CO2 On Photosynthetic Characteristics And Molecular Mechanism In Deyeuxia Angustifolia
16. Effect Of Elevated Carbon Dioxide On Root Hair Development And Nutrient Uptake And The Response Mechanisms Of Root Growth To Nutrient Supply In Arabidopsis Thaliana
17. CO2-induced P Uptake Is Mediated By Increased Strigolactones Biosynthesis And AM Parasitism In Tomato Plants
18. Differences In Litter Characteristics Among The Invasive Plant Xanthium Strumarium And Phylogenetically Related Native Plants Grown Under Different CO2 Concentrations
19. Physiological Responses Of Diatoms To Seawater Acidification Under Influences Of Multiple Drivers
20. Effects Of Elevated CO2 Concentration And Warming On Maize Photosynthetic Carbon Distribution And Community Of Rhizosphere Bacterial
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