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1. P120~(ctn) Mediated Cell Adhesion And The Role Of Mangiferin In This Pathway
2. Regulation Of The Expression And Activity Of β1, 4-Galactosyltransferase Ⅰ By Focal Adhesion Kinase
3. The Effects Of The Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) In ER On Cell Adesion And Migration In HEK293 Cells In Vitro
4. The Studies On PSGL-1-mediated Signaling During Leukocytes' Rolling Adhesion
5. Molecular Cloning And Expression Of A New Anti-metastasis Peptide (β Peptide) And Studying Of It's Anti-metastasis Ability
6. Studies On The Attachment Of Marine Sponge Cells On Microcarriers
7. Plant Cell Responses To Mechanical Stresses: Morphology, Growth, And Development
8. Study On The Micro/nanoscopic Adhesive Contact Mechanical Models
9. The Expression And Function Study Of Sema4C In NSC Development
10. The Interaction Study Of Laser-Induced Plasma Shock Wave And Adhered Particles On Surface
11. An EFG-FE Coupling Method For Macro-Micro Thermal Elasto-Plastic Contact Of Rough Surfaces
12. The Effect Of E-cadherin Individual N-glycosylation On Calcium-dependent Cell-cell Adhesion And Cell Cycle Progression And Its Molecular Mechanisms
13. The Expression And Function Of Mesothelin During Rat Islet Architecture Formation And Remodeling
14. Research On Material Characteristic And Tribological Behavior For Ventral Scale Of Snakes
15. Coupling Bionic Research On The Adhesion And Resistance Reduction Of The Earthworm Surface
16. The Involvement Of Myosin X In The Motility Of Immortalized GnRH Neuronal Cells
17. The Study On The Function Of The C-Abl Kinase In β2 Integrin Signaling
18. Fractural Study Of Interfacial Adhesion Measurement With Interfacial Toughness For Coating/Substrate System
19. Design And Synthesis Of A Potent Bioactive Peptide To Dual-Promote Cell Adhesion
20. Expression, Regulation And Function Of Junctional Adhesion Molecule 2 In Mouse Uterus During Early Pregnancy
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