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1. Studies On Ecological Genetics Of The Important Desert Plants Natural Populations In Fukang, Xinjiang
2. Studies On Ecophysiological Characteristics Of Desiccation-tolerant Mechanism In Desert Resurrection Plant Reaumuria Soongorica
3. Study On Ecophysiological Characteristics Of Reaumuria Soongorica And Caragana Korshinskii During Dehydration And Rehydration
4. Studies On The Role Of Photorespiration And The Antioxidative Metabolism During Drought Stress In Desert Plant Reaumuria Soongorica
5. Studies On The Role Of Osmotic Adjustment Under Drought And Salt Stress In Desert Plant Reaumuria Soongorica
6. Interactions Between Reaumuria Soongorica Comunity Structure And Dynamics Of Soil Microbial Characteristics And Nutrients Properties During The Vegetation Restoration
7. The Anatomize Structure Of Reaumuria Soongorica And Its Physiology-ecology Characters Response To The Drought Condition
8. Population Ecological Genetics Of Reaumuria Soongorica (Pall.) Maxim In The Oasis-Desert Ecotone In Fukang, Xinjiang, Revealed By ISSR Markers
9. Genetic Diversity And Spatial Distribution Of Reaumuria Soongorica (Pall.) Maxim. Populations In Northwest Of China
10. The Physiological Responses Of Endemic Plants Reaumuria Trigyna In Alashan Desert To Salt Tolerance
11. The Analysis On Forming Reason And Mechanism Of Reaumuria Soongorica Community In Steppe Region
12. Study On The Physiological Responds And Root Architecturure Compatibility Of Reaumuria Soongorica Under Water Stress
13. The Physiological Roles Of Salt-secretion In Super Xerophyte Reaumuria Soongorica Responding To Salt And Drought
14. The Study Of Salt-secreting Mechanisms Underlying Reaumuria Soongorica In Response To Salt And Drought
15. Research On Salt Excretion And Salinity Adaptability Of Reaumuria Soongorica In Saline Soil
16. Study On Morphological Characteristics Of Reaumuria Soongorica And The Adaptation Of Its Antioxidant Enzymes To Arid Saline Soil
17. Study On Genetic Diversity Of Reaumuria Soongorica Populations Distributing Trans-regionally On Inner-Mongolia Plateau
18. Analysis On The Population Genetic Diversity Of Desert Super-xerophytic Shrub Reaumuria Soongorica
19. The Characters Of "Fertile Island" And Carbon Sequestration Of Shrub Reaumuria Soongorica In The Desert
20. Research On Water Source Of Reaumuria Soongorica Based On The Stable Isotope Technique
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