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1. Study On Functional Groups Of The Natural Tropical Forests At Landscape Scale In Hainan Island, South China
2. Ciose-to-natural Plantation Of Thinning Intensity On Population And Community Restoration Of Quercus Wutaishanica Forest
3. The Application Of GIS In Ecological Logging Planning Of The Natural Forest In Changbai Mountain
4. Study On Community Characteristics Of Alnus Nepalensis Natural Forest In Pu'er Region
5. The Comparative Studies On Heavy Metals Pollution And Ecological Risks Between The Kandelia Cande1 Natural Forest And Plantations In The North Of Fujian
6. Research On The Community Characteristics Of Natural Cryptomeria Fortunei In Tianbaoyan National Nature Reserve
7. Study On Ecological Characteristic Of Natural Kandelia Candel And The Comparison Of High-yield Forest Of Esatern Fujian Province
8. Studies On Structure And Productivity Of Natural Swamp Forests Community In Xiaoxing'an Mountains, Heilongjiang, China
9. Research On The Composition Of Semi-natural Forest Community And Vegetation Regeneration Characteristics In The Core Area Of Chongqing
10. Impact Of Natural Forest Converted To Plantation On Soil C,N And 13C,15N Isotope Abundance Along North-south Transect In Eastern China
11. Effects Of Forest Conversion From Natural Forest To Plantations Of Soil Carbon And Nitrogen In Subtropical China
12. Study On The Spatial Heterogeneity Of Soil Ecological Environment Factors And The Relationship With Microbial Community Diversity In Castanopsis Kawakamii Natural Forest
13. Effects Of Simulated Nitrogen And Sulfur Deposition On Soil Nutrients And Enzyme Activities In Natural Forest In Rainy Area Of Western China
14. Study On The Community Characteristics Of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi In Soil Of The Community Of Natural Forest Of Toona Ciliata
15. Analysis Of Langxiang Forestry Bureau Forest Resource Dynamic
16. Effects Of Thinning On Soil Aggregate,Active Organic Carbon And Microorganism Of Larix Gmelinii Natural Forest
17. Characteristics Of Soil Aggregates And Organic Carbon And Its Component Contents In Three Forest Types In The Mountain Area Of Eastern Liaoning
18. Effect Of Warming In Different Depth Of Soil Carbon Emissions On The Natural Forest Of Castanopsiskawakamii
19. Effect Of Warming On Quantity And Composition Of Soil Dissolved Organic Matter In Subtropical Forest
20. Responses Of Soil Respiration And Its Components To Soil Warming In Natural Forests Of Subtropical Castanopsis Kawakamii And In Cunninghamia Lanceolata Plantations
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