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1. The Study Of Tectonic Evolution And Sedimentary-exhalative Metallization Of The Western Qinling Orogenic Belt
2. Study On Geotectonics And Gold Metallogeny Of West Sarawak, East Malaysia
3. The Comparative Study On Mineralization Of Jianchaling And Jinchuan Nickel-Copper Sulfide Deposits
4. The Study On Metallogenic Series Of Hydrocarbon Alkali-Fluids In Devonian In Xicheng Concentrated Mineralization Area,West Qinling, Gansu Province
5. The Space-time Structure Model Of The Gejiu Superlarge Tin-copper-polymetallic Deposit
6. Study On The Characteristics Of Metallogenic Fluids And Fluid-Geological Mapping In The Weishan-Yongping Copper-Gold-Polymetallic Mineralization District, Yunnan
7. On Main Types And Exploration Prospect For Copper Deposits In Gansu Province, China
8. Study On Metallogenic Condition And Potentiality Of Copper-Gold-Polymetallic Deposits In Weishan-Yongping Mineralization District, Yunnan
9. Three-Component" Mineral Prediction
10. Geochemical Comparison Of Several Nickel Deposits In China
11. Chlorine And Fluorine Control On Copper And Tungsten Mineralization In Hydrothermal Deposits
12. The Mesozoic Magmatism And Crustal Extension In Shandong Province, China-additionally Discussing The Relationship Between Lamprophyres And Gold Mineralization
13. Mesozoic To Cenozoic Tectonomagmatic Evolution And Mineralization In The Cuoqin Area, Mid-Gangdise, Tibet
14. The Study On Metallogeny And Localizing Forecast Of Yulong Porphyry Copper-Molybdenum Mineralization, Xizang (Tibet)
15. The Mineralization Of Changkeng-Fuwan Gold-Silver Deposits, Guangdong Province, South China
16. Metallogenesis Of Pb-Zn Deposits And Enrichment Regularity Of Dispersed Elements Cd, Ga, And Ge In SW Yangtze Block
17. Research On The Metallogenic Series Of Gejiu Tin-polymetallic Deposit
18. The Geological Setting Of Mineralization And Porphyry Metallogenic Series With Micro-disseminated Gold Deposits In Fengshan Orefield Of Hubei
19. Enrichment Mechanism Of PGE In Emeishan Basalts And Comparison Of PGE Mineralization Between Continental And Oceanic Basalts
20. The Mineralization Geochemistry Of The Low Temperature Fluid On The Dongsheng Sandstone Type Uranium Deposit
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