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1. Effects Of Grazing Exclusion On Vegetation And Soil Fractions Of Active Organic Carbon Of Seriphidium Transiliense Desert Under Moderate Degeneration
2. Study On The Soil Quality And Litter Decomposition In The Forest Stand Of Phyllostachys Edulis Expansion To The Cunninghamia Lanceolata In Daiyun Mountain Nature Reserve
3. Effects Of Thinning On Soil Aggregate,Active Organic Carbon And Microorganism Of Larix Gmelinii Natural Forest
4. Soil Organic Carbon Characteristics And Soil Microbial Community Structure Study Of Different Soil Fertility In Fluvo-aquic Soil,North China
5. Research Of Soil Active Organic Carbon,Soil Enzyme Activity For Typical Plantations In Hainan Island
6. The Effects Of Cupressus Funebris Root Exudates On Soil Biochemical Characteristics Of Potted Toona Sinensis And Koelreuteria Paniculata
7. Effects Of Simulated Climate Warming On Carbon Stability From Alpine Peat Wetland And Its Mechanism
8. The Effect Of Different Organic Matter Input On Soil Carbon Fraction,Activity Of Microorganism And Enzyme For Pinus Forest In Taiyue Mountain
9. Effects Of Poplar Leaf Litter And Earthworms On Soil Aggregates And Soil Organic Carbon Composition In Poplar Plantations
10. Effects Of Wet Deposition Of Nitrogen And Phosphorus And Litter Addition On Soil Active Organic Carbon Pool And Nitrogen And Phosphorus In Broad-Leaved Pinus Koraiensis Forest
11. Effects Of Phyllostachys Edulis Invading Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest On Soil Respiration And Active Organic Carbon And Nitrogen
12. The Characteristic Of Soil Active Organic Carbon In Different Forest Types In Saihanba
13. Characteristics Of Plant-soil-microbial Ecological Stoichiometry And Soil Organic Carbon Pools And Fractions In The Forest Belt Of The Loess Plateau
14. Soil Organic Carbon Characteristics Of Torreya Grandis Cv. Merrillii In Kuaiji Mountain
15. Response Of Active Organic Carbon And Enzyme Activities To Density Adjustment In Rhizosphere And Non-rhizosphere Soil Of Larix Principis-rupprechtii Plantation
16. Study On Soil Carbon Sequestration Capacity Of Robinia Pseudoacacia And Platycladus Orientalis Mixed Forest In Hilly And Gully Regions Of The Loess Plateau
17. Effects Of Torreya Grandis And Polygonatum Sibiricum Intercropping On Soil Physical And Chemical Properties And Microbial Community
18. Effects Of Vegetation Degradation On Soil Organic Carbon Components And Their Stability In Typical Steppe Of Inner Mongolia
19. Effects Of Vegetation Types Of Earth-rock Engineering Deposits On Soil Organic Carbon And Its Components
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